Idaho Teen Driving

Toward Zero Deaths

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  • Show a series of safe driving public service announcements (either video, print, or billboard) and discuss

  • Invite traffic safety “experts” to make a classroom presentation. Such experts are: firemen, ambulance personnel, ER doctors or nurses, policemen, driver’s education instructors, child passenger safety technicians or instructors, cross-walk guards, STAR (Motorcycle safety) instructors, and railroad engineers.

  • Conduct a radio or internet “talk show” with the afore mentioned “experts”

  • Read a news story or show a video clip about a local traffic/bicycle/pedestrian accident and discuss

  • Discuss each concept portrayed in the Highway Safety Kids Calendar:

Impaired/Drugged Driving  Aggressive Driving
Safety Restraints Booster Seats
Youthful Driving Motorcycle Safety
Pedestrian Safety  Work Zones

Obtain classroom materials online at:

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