Idaho Teen Driving

Toward Zero Deaths

Target audience: 5-6 grade students

Objective: Students will identify the stopping distance of a car. Students will explore its implications on seat belt use, driving distractions, and driving impairments

Materials: Computer, projector, Internet access to the following URL:

Set-up: Computer/Projector

Procedure: Show the video “Vehicle Stopping Distance”

Activity ideas:

  • Discuss Newton’s first law of motion and how it relates to passengers in vehicles

  • Discuss different ways of being distracted and its relationship to reaction time and stopping distance

  • Discuss various ways of being impaired and its relationship to driving, reaction time, and stopping distance

  • Stage an obstacle course. Before obstacle course is run, have a student close eyes and spin in circles and then try to navigate course.

  • Conduct an egg drop using “seat belts”

  • Invite a guest who survived a crash from wearing a seat belt

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